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About This Web Site

About This Web Site

The information on this page applies to the Web site (“the Web site”) administered and operated by Yamaguchi Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (“the Company”).
The Company supplies information to customers who visit the Web site (“customers”) according to the usage conditions below. All users of the Web site are considered to have agreed to all of the conditions below.
The usage conditions and other stipulations outlined below are subject to change without prior notice. Customers are asked to keep abreast of the latest information.

Recommended Browsers

We recommend the [Edge] and the [Chrome] latest version for this website.
Depending on the settings of your PC, it may not be displayed properly in the browser. It is not optimized for mobile devices.


Viewing of some pages on this Web site requires the plug-ins described below.
Some contents and documents cannot be viewed without plug-ins. Please download and install the latest versions of the plug-ins using the links below.

Document data for download is displayed in PDF format. Adobe Reader is required to view downloaded data.


Copyrights for content of all forms, including information, documents, and graphics, provided on the Yamaguchi Electric Industry Co., Ltd. Web site (, “the Web site”) are held by Yamaguchi Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (“the Company”).
Unauthorized copying, re-use or sale of this content is prohibited.

  • 1.links to this Web site can, in principle, be posted freely, as long as it is clearly indicated that the Company is the administrator and operator of the Web site being linked to.
    However, the Company reserves the right to refuse to allow a link to this Web site, depending on the content of the Web site the link is posted on, and the link method used.
  • 2.Web sites not administered by the Company (“linked Web site[s]”), with links posted on this Web site, are not the responsibility of the Company.
    In addition, a link on this Web site does not indicate that there is a partnership or any special relationship between the Company and the Web site linked to.
    Customers are asked to check and comply with the usage conditions for each individual linked Web site.
    Please note that the Company will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any problems arising from the viewing of linked Web sites.
Exemption from Liability

The Company takes every possible precaution when posting information on this Web site, but does not offer any guarantee that this information is accurate, up-to-date, or of service to customers. The Company will not accept responsibility for any problems arising from the viewing of this Web site.
In principle, the Company reserves the right to modify, delete, or discontinue display of the information displayed on this Web site without prior notice to customers.

Changing Font Sizes

All pages of this Web site are equipped with a function allowing users to change the font size.
(You must enable JavaScript in your browser in order to use this interface.)