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Message from President

From passenger vehicles to industrial and construction machinery:on all fronts, we are helping to build the automotive future.

Nowadays, the automotive industry has been getting a trend to go on changing bewilderingly. It may be safely said that we are just in the midst of an era that would not readily allow us to foresee the future. If I am allowed to say one thing, the automobile itself will have its concept changing drastically without fail. Clean energies are outcropping. Engines are transferring to a new generation or to a machine other than the engine. Automotive vehicles are being innovated into the automated operation era. As an entity handling automotive parts, we are indispensably required to make a decision from time to time to catch the flow of times by looking fixedly ahead.

With backup alarms, ignition parts and switches taken for our mainstay products, we at Yamaguchi Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (YEC) are putting our heart and soul into the development, production and sale of component parts for motor vehicles and construction equipment. We at YEC have an especially strong point, that is, we are always ready to flexibly meet the needs of you, clients. With backup alarms and ignition parts, in particular, deployed as our in-house products, YEC has been meeting a wide diversity of requirements, with knowhow cultivated over long years as well as high productivity secured on the background.

Knowhow supports the platform for us to make a bold leap into the next generation. It is essential to our challenges for new needs while securing our standpoint so far. Never-endingly improved productivity in our Akita and China facilities is a significantly critical factor since it is always encouraging us to deploy the global manufacturing and selling that should go on evolving more and more from now on. At the same time, I am convinced that it will bring about a significant advantage to us in the sense that we are in a position to contribute to local communities. We are in a position to draw a picture of our new vision by making the best of “resources” called knowhow and productivity, I believe. And the picture will surely put us in a position to contribute to the automotive society more than ever. I strongly realize that it is nothing but the mission imposed on us YEC.

Yamaguchi Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. has a self-worth that we have had an in-house identity solidified over 70 years by brushing up knowhow while building up reliable relationships with customers through elaborate communications. Our never-ending spirit, “Desire to continue being manufacturers giving birth to quality products while meeting widely diversified needs of customers,” is being securely succeeded by a younger generation. Employees’ free ideas, craftsman-oriented adherence and patience in making continuous trials step by step should turn out to a weapon to explore new days. Bringing this weapon, we at YEC are continuing to challenge operations with all of our energies in unity while newly making sure of the significance and strength that YEC is manufacturers established in Japan, nation built by technology.

It will be appreciated if you expect Yamaguchi Electric to act more than ever in the future.

Kenji Yamaguchi
president representative director