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Ignition Coil

All YEC ignition coil are made in Japan and high quality is guaranteed. We are proud to offer an extensive lineup, primarily for Japanese cars, with more new products scheduled for future release.


Distributor Cap and Rotor

Distributor cap and rotor made by YEC have played a vital role in the global after-sales service market for around half a century. All our distributor cap and rotor are made in Japan, and reliable high quality is guaranteed. We offer a full lineup of approximately 400 types, primarily for use in Japanese cars.

Other Ignition Parts

YEC also offers various contact point sets, condensers, pickup coils and other ignition parts.

Backup Alarm

As Japan’s top manufacturer of vehicle backup alarms, YEC offers a wide range of products and boasts the No. 1 market share in Europe and Asia. In North America, we have established an affiliated company, Triton Signal Corp., and are steadily expanding our market share. YEC alarms conform to SAE and other global standards, and are guaranteed to be highly reliable, helping to ensure safety and security in transportation networks and the construction industry worldwide.

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