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YEC Features

Advanced Design and Development Technologies

Joint development with major passenger vehicle, industrial machinery and construction machinery manufacturers

YEC alarms and switches are developed in partnership with vehicle developers and manufacturers. Once the vehicle design is complete, we must embed features in a limited designated space, meeting demanding specification requirements. This calls for advances such as use of unprecedented materials, innovative technological proposals for circuitry, and new molding methods and production line layouts.

High-quality, genuine parts developed in partnership with a wide range of Japanese automakers

Diverse technologies including electronics, molding and acoustics are compressed into a single product

The originality behind YEC alarms is derived from steady accumulation and scrupulous polishing of basic technologies. We are proud to have capabilities no other company can boast, including technologies for acoustic testing of alarms, acoustic design technology that enables compact vehicle chassis to produce the necessary volume levels, molding technologies, and circuitry technologies allowing performance demands to be met at low cost.

Even complex structures can be reproduced using precision molding technology.