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YEC Features

Efficient Production Control System

Building a high-efficiency production line and making continual improvements

Our Akita Plant also houses our Production Technology Division, and forms the backbone of our production technology. In addition to establishing manufacturing processes to ensure components meet required specifications, we make improvements day-by-day to boost the efficiency of operating production lines. This practical expertise also helped us to perfect the production line in our China Plant.

Manufacturing process photos (any can be used)

Efficiency realized through improvement systems uniting the entire company

With China and Southeast Asia having grown into centers for automotive manufacturing, Japanese manufacturers are under pressure to offer competitive prices. YEC achieves this by making continual improvements to our production lines. In addition to developing jigs, we incorporate a great number of improvement proposals from on-site employees to realize a higher-efficiency production system. These efforts help us to balance cost-competitiveness with production of uncompromising quality, featuring careful hand-tooling of each component.

YEC manages to combine scrupulous hand-tooling of components with highly efficient operations